Karen Hendrickx


Karen Hendrickx is a visual artist who lives and works in Antwerp. In addition to her visual work, she enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration with other artists. For example, she created the performance Sketches of Emotion together with the Belgian/Liège dance company JCChoreography. This performance aims to be a mix between dance and visual art, where the audience is invited to see how a contemporary dance performance is transformed into a timeless work of art.

Karen is someone who is always looking for new perspectives, is very creative and full of energy. She likes to present her work in public spaces, to make it more accessible to the public.

In September 2017 she started a series on dance and movement for which she started drawing and painting for several seasons at Kunstcampus de Singel in Antwerp. There she had the opportunity to work during various dress rehearsals of major dance companies, such as Anna Theresa de Keersmaeker and Rosas, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Eastman, Wim Vandekeybus, …

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Karen Hendrickx

In residentie Het landschap opgevat als een dansbeweging

With this project I want to look for dance in the landscape. The intention is to conceive of the landscape from the movement, starting from color, light and shadow. By hanging some works next to each other, I want to create a large dance movement. Just like in my other works, I want to explore the boundaries between the abstract and the figurative, where expression comes first. The works will be installed both indoors and outdoors. During the opening I will also present my performance Sketches of Emotion, in combination with my work.

For this performance I am working with Justine Copette from the Liège dance company JC Choreography. The purpose of the performance is to demonstrate the point where dance and visual art come together, which for us is emotion. In a first face it is me as a visual artist who is inspired for my drawings by the power and emotion emanating from the dance movement, in a second face it is the dancer who follows me when drawing and painting and is inspired by my movements and work. In a third face there is no longer a leading role and we work purely from emotion, in interaction with each other.

The idea for this project emerged gradually and took shape when I saw the works of Claude Monet in the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris. Afterwards I also discovered the work of Joan Mitchell, which inspired me even more for this project.

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In residentie Winternights 2023

On Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December 2023, the eighth edition of Winternights took place in and around the Lutheran Church in Maastricht. During the freely accessible performing arts festival you can see ‘unfinished’ work, or work-in-progress, by various theater makers, performers, choreographers, composers and visual artists, at surprising locations.

This eighth edition of Winternights, the program consists of a wide range of makers who make their artistic research visible. The makers are all affiliated with and invited by the organizers C-TAKT, SoAP Maastricht and VIA ZUID. This year it is Barabara Tjonck, Esra Çopur & Philipp Cahrpit, Evelien Cammaert, Gerben Vaillant, Jelle Huizinga, Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkmann, Karen Hendrickx, KIN Collective, MOHA, Moni Wespi and Naomi Steijger & Lieselot Mariën who test and test their work with the Winternights audience. The unfinished nature of the work gives the audience the opportunity to engage in conversation with the makers after all presentations.

The Lutheran Church was once again the base for Winternights this year. Various spaces in and around the Lutheran Church, the Statenkwartier and the Sphinxkwartier were furnished as presentation areas, studios, lab, theater and dance floor.

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