De Mannschaft


The Mannschaft is the common, creative denominator of Stijn Van de Wiel and Michai Geyzen. Both Kempen sons have been friends for years and their paths in theatre have crossed several times. Their shared fascination with the social edge and the abyss strongly fuelled the need to start a company. And so The Mannschaft was born. Out of sheer necessityz

just like all other companies, it brings stories about pain, love, life and death, why am I here on this planet, deceit, hate, … We just try to tackle them differently. In our way, from how Stijn and Michai look at our planet. As makers and as human beings, they are fascinated by individuals who have ended up on the fringes of society or outside it. Individuals who were rejected, who chose to sit on this edge themselves or do so because they think they should.

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De Mannschaft

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In residentie LIV

Verona, 23, plays Liv, 15. Liv is in third high school, has red hair and freckles, has never kissed, has never had sex, has cancer and has a 50 per cent chance of survival and is in love with Bart.

Bert, 29, plays Bart Pieter Pierre Jean-Pierre Piet Patrick Patrick Junior (Bart to friends), 17. Bart is in fourth high school, has dropped out once, has kissed a lot, has had sex three times and is in love with Ruby.

Ine, 27, plays Ruby, 16. Ruby is in fourth secondary, is Liv’s sister and does not know if she is in love with Bart, does not know if she Überhaubt ever wants to kiss, let alone have sex, because that is dirty. LIV is the story of Liv, Bart and Ruby, three searching adolescents. Their world is turned completely upside down by LIV’s illness, but strangely enough, it provides a huge boost in life and helps them find who they are. LIV is the story about Guns ‘N Roses, about New Yorkers from den Aldi, about cracks in your trousers, about air guitar and lip sync, about that of maths, about embarrassing parents, about fear and sadness, but most of all about living, living rock hard, living at 120km/h that the pieces fly off. LIV is a whirlwind, funny, but at times also sensitive performance about growing up in a big world, finding your way and finding your destination. A performance for adolescents and anyone who has ever been an adolescent

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