Albert Quesada


Albert Quesada studied at P.A.R.T.S and Modern Theater Dance at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam. Previously, he studied philosophy and multimedia in Barcelona. During his studies, Albert organized jams at P.A.R.T.S. and gave lessons and workshops in Belgium, Austria, India and the United States. Since June 2009, Albert has been dancing with Thomas Hauert’s ZOO dance company. He also regularly collaborates with Benjamin Vandewalle.

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Albert Quesada

Photo: Joery Thiry

In residentie It’s Time

It’s Time is a piece for a stage with three dancers and live musicians exploring, interrogating and manipulating the subjective experience of the passage of time. It suggests a break from our ‘linear’, chronometric lives – a moment in theatre to explore the sound and movement of diluted vertical time. With aesthetics inspired by graphic novels and their portrayal of the passage of time in ‘fictional space’, the performers and musicians will speed up, slow down, freeze in motion and reverse their own movements, triggering the uncanny, dissociative elements of directionality, suspension and gravity that define our perception of time and movement.

The meaning of the piece is activated and animated by the rhythm of the viewer’s presence, by continuous movement, by anticipation, observation and memory. It’s Time will suggest a break from our ‘linear’ lives. A moment in the theatre to enjoy the sound and movement of diluted time. What we realise is the uncanny property that fascinates us through manipulation of our sense of time.

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