Working Method

Enkidu Khaled


With Working Method, Enkidu Khaled created a performance with a unique view on the forms that audience interaction can take. He never lets the performance completely out of his hands, but succeeds in involving the audience in learning a dramaturgical trick that can lead to idiosyncratic performance art. Referring variously to his own war traumas and his own desire to construct meaningful theater, he makes his audience complicit in musing about the importance of artistic expressions and reflection.

However, when we are about to fully agree with the proposed working method, Enkidu Khaled knocks the ground under our feet and only then do we feel the layered themes that lie within this artist. Do we really believe that art can save the world? How are you, as an artist, able to embrace uncertainty instead of letting it paralyze you? And as is so aptly said in this performance… Why is thinking so slow and violence so fast?