Lieke Benders


In the search for silence, the options are endless. A retreat in a hut on the heath, a trip to an ashram in India. Or put on your walking shoes and walk. Next to a babbling brook, between whistling birds, surrounded by wild flowers and green leaves.

Lieke Benders opened STIL.het lab in Klooster Wittem in January 2017. From here, for four years, she and others have been creating theatrical expressions that highlight silence in all its appearances and disappearances. In 2017, the relationship between nature and silence is central.

A selection from the growing series of performances, installations, images and texts will be exhibited during expositie, a theatrical museum hall that was on display for the first time during Cultura Nova in Heerlen (18 to 27 August 2017).

Until 2020, Lieke Benders will work on various sub-themes. Every year a museum room is created. Together they ultimately form the traveling exhibition STIL.het museum, which will be on display in the Netherlands and Flanders in 2020.

STIL.het paviljoen

Two life-size bell jars attract your attention. They suddenly make you pause in the middle of the day. In the middle of the city or hidden in a garden.

Under one bell jar is a nature still life in which a winter scene is frozen forever. You can take a seat under the other person. Put on some headphones and travel while standing still. tour

There is a special bus stop on the town square. You can board here without knowing where the journey is going. This is not about arriving, but about the journey itself. We travel with a real coach through the narrowest part of Limburg. Along boundless stories from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. tour shows you that the most unspectacular places are often very special. expositie exhibition is a theatrical museum hall in which nature is exhibited and silence can be experienced. About the romanticization of peace and man’s moving attempt to capture silence. In exhibition, immerse yourself in the romance of nature and its apparent silence. Discover that only in silence does what otherwise goes unnoticed appear. suite

A special experience awaits you at Klooster Wittem. Anyone who spends the night in suite will be woken up by whistling birds and sleep under a wonderfully scented canopy. wandeling walk leads you through the Limburg hill country. You either walk the route in silence or not. In any case, the walk will make you think about things that you had not noticed before. ontmoeting

During her research, Lieke Benders gets to know people with special professions and surprising stories. She invites you to secret places to share these introductions.