Showcase Emerging Sound 2023


Every year STUK, Q-O2, Musica & C-TAKT present a sample of new sound art in Belgium. Four promising sound artists were selected and given a boost: Diana Duta, Stijn Wybouw, Florence Cats and Tom Malmendier & Emilie Skrijelj. The Showcase will take place on Wednesday, May 16, 2023 in the iconic nightclub and television studio Manhattan on the canal in Leuven.

Free with reservation.


18:00-22:00 Expo
Stijn Wybouw – KRAMP and the Shakers (installation)
expo: Els Viaene – Ways Of Seeing Sound / Elise Eeraerts & Roberto Aparicio Ronda

20:00 Performances

Stijn Wybouw – KRAMP and the Shakers
Tom Malmendier & Emilie Skrijelj – Presque île
Florence Cats – Transparent MusicDiana Duta – IOU

22:00 end

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Stijn Wybouw – KRAMP and the Shakers 


KRAMP is the solo project of the Limburg-Brussels visual and sound artist Stijn Wybouw. He creates performance, installations and DIY releases from an imaginative, bizarre universe and often works with rudimentary instruments and found objects. Last summer he created a homemade ratcheting machine made from handmade shakers and found objects. The result is the project KRAMP and the Shakers. The source of inspiration was a recording Wybouw made of a field full of crickets during a trip through Spain. This crackling, spatial effect is reflected in the installation in which several shakers are spread out in a room.

Tom Malmendier & Emilie Skrijelj – Presque île 

(outdoor performance)

Presque île is a project by percussionist Tom Malmendier and accordionist Emilie Skrijelj. They are short improvisations on location in public space. The idea arose during the April 2020 lockdown in France. Because they could not travel or play in front of an audience, Malmendier & Skrijelj decided to go to nature or empty buildings with their instruments, a recording device and a video in their backpack. Snare drum, objects, accordion and harmonica blend with near and far ambient sounds. In this way, they see the spatial environment in which they play as a kind of third musician with whom to interact.

Florence Cats


Florence Cats is a musician, sound artist, visual artist, poet and acupuncturist. She plays the theremin in non-conventional ways by moving in a space or by combining it with sounding objects, radio, water and visual elements. Spaciousness and silence are crucial concepts in her work, always in relation to the specific place where she plays. She recently released the beautiful tape Ys on Lieven Martens’ label Edições CN.

Diana Duta – IOU 


Sound artist Diana Duta was born in Romania but lives and works in Brussels. Since 2019, she has led the Jambes recording studio, which offers a platform for artists who work around sound and voice. During the showcase she presents her work IOU, made during a residency at Q-O2 in 2020. The work is inspired by Alexander Bell’s ‘Visible Speech’, a phonetic alphabet that was intended as a universal system for notating sounds in symbols. Formally, the symbols are based on the position of the lips, tongue and throat when producing speech. Duta started working with this alphabet and collaborated with five voice artists: Camille Gérenton, Simone Basani, Barry Fitzgerald, Myriam Van Imschoot and Marcus Bergner. The result is a listening piece in quadraphony.