Nocturnes for a society

Myriam Van Imschoot


With our voices we weave a nocturnal sound carpet and use it as a blanket to crawl under and fall into a special sleep with the sounds of the city in the background. Sound artist Myriam Van Imschoot and scenographer Lucas van Haesbrouck continue to build on the legacy of the American composer and sound activist Pauline Oliveros, in addition to other rich traditions that see harmony as an ancient recipe for connection between people. The audience plays an indispensable role: interacting with each other, with objects and with space, they interpret a score and almost effortlessly create astonishing textures and atmospheres full of details. The nocturne takes on a life of its own and continues like a trail through the night, in the various stages of rest and sleep. The environment nourishes this event as an oasis of light, shadow, sound, textiles, reverie, where associations flourish freely. Synesthesia becomes social possibility.