Mijn lichaam van u

Marc Vanrunxt


In a new performance for Dansand! In 2017, choreographer Marc Vanrunxt starts from the text my body from you. It is a monologue about scarcity and longing, about loss and a long road back. Author and graphic designer Paul Verrept brings his own text. In the event that takes place next to and behind him, dancer Charlotte Vanden Eynde and mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers share the space. Visual artist Katleen Vinck strengthens the environment with a powerful intervention. In my body of yours, the boundaries of voice, language, singing, moving and dancing are explored and expanded.

As part of a one-off performance, Marc Vanrunxt gathered a group of fellow artists around him in the Bourla Theater, including Paul Verrept and Els Mondelaers, during the Antwerp Kleppers. Now they, supplemented by Charlotte Vanden Eynde and Katleen Vinck, are taking up the thread again. New elements are the beach, the sea and the sky. On the beach of Ostend, dancing, singing and playing people are confronted with the cosmos.