De Boer opened a door and then Koetje Kalf saw colors for the first time. The cerulean blue sky. The grassy green grass. Fresh air, butterflies and daisies. The buzz of spring. The first steps in the meadow were careful. The dew tickled her hooves. Soon she felt herself overcome with joy. The space, the place she was given. The smell of fresh grass, the tingling coolness of morning air. She was happy. She had no choice but to walk, skip and jump.

Kalf! is a dance performance with theater and music. Kalf! is a theater performance with dance and music. Kalf! is a music performance with dance and theater. It’s about a cow. She lives with many dairy cows in a large stable and she dreams about India, where cows are sacred. Cows grow old there and all the calves are made of gold!