Geluid in de Publieke Ruimte

Collectief Publiek Geluid


What does it mean to create for a public place, compared to the classical concert hall? What factors should be taken into account when making music on streets and squares, what possibilities does it offer in terms of presentation and audience, and what are the risks (e.g. weather conditions, criticism from passers-by)? For each new context, consideration is given to how the architecture and activities of a specific place determine the artistic possibilities. To guide this process of reflection and experiment, Musica offers a context twice a year with a residency and coaching by a guest from the professional sector: this can be a sound artist, composer, urban planner or transdisciplinary performer.

A second objective of the Collective is to develop a ‘repertoire’, a ‘canon’ of performable works for the public space: historical performances by Fluxus or John Cage, together with their own creations in the form of processions, city tunes or walks, become part of a ‘catalogue’ from which organizations and festivals select for their programming.