“Can I connect you?”. More than 50 years ago, telephone operators connected callers at cruising speed. Crackling conversations were established via a complicated system of cables. According to strict telephone etiquette, the switching ladies themselves were not allowed to laugh or talk to each other. It was even forbidden to whisper and they were certainly not allowed to listen in on telephone conversations. While they connected the world, mutual communication was strictly forbidden. This exciting friction forms the starting point for the new dOFt performance FOON.

In FOON we follow three telephone operators at the switchboard: channel in and out, more, faster, without stop, never enough. The hurriedness of the incoming phone calls creates a nervous and impatient atmosphere. The telephone operators live in a factory-like world in which they repeat the same actions over and over again. The more they connect with others, the more they lose themselves… The (human) machines overheat and everything comes to a standstill. Those who always connect people are forced to connect with each other for the first time. The fear of silence makes way for the power of connection.

FOON is a dynamic, surprising and playful dance theater performance where text, movement, music, acrobatics and installation work merge. Choreographer Piet Van Dycke & theater maker Jonas Vermeulen, together with three physical players, create a poetic and visual experience for everyone from 6 years old about the (r)evolution from I-them to we. Do we still dare to make room for each other in a life full of chaos?