Blueberries leave bruises on the skin

Astrid De Haes & Mona Thijs


In the trilingual (Dutch, English, French) dance theater performance Blueberries leave bruises on the skin, three players ask themselves the question: in what ways can we immortalize ourselves? And where does the urge to do that come from?

In an endless-looking white space, they look for ways to be remembered, from heroic to small, from kitsch to painfully honest. The questions gradually arise: why is immortalization so important? Isn’t life itself enough? And can you immortalize yourself if you don’t even know who you are now?

Blueberries leave bruises on the skin is a colorful collection of attempts to find and transcend yourself, a celebration of human hubris, an ode to life, a party where no one wants to leave first, an increasingly unstable interplay of three figures who are looking for to himself.