Kevin Trappeniers


AntennA is a quiet, minimal installation around mis- and lost communication in which Kevin Trappeniers makes us reflect on the electronic signals around us. Around a metal transmission tower, spectators and potential conversation partners can watch, reflect and temporarily stay together.

In our hyper-connected society, speaking with screens between us is ubiquitous. But who are we really talking to? With the other person, with our mobile phone or computer, or with ourselves? Our encounters are in danger of being eroded by technology.

AntennA hacks the public space by making it (as) analog (as possible). By removing signals, the installation creates a cavity in a signal-saturated landscape. A void in which encounters can be experienced differently. However, sending out a counter signal in open space appears to be illegal. It is no longer a choice whether or not to be part of a digital world.

In many areas of our lives we now find ourselves in a twilight zone between analog and digital. Do we still dare to allow silence and emptiness every now and then? Do we still take time to reflect, contemplate and be together in peace?

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