Radouan Mriziga


With 7, Radouan Mriziga presents the final piece of his trilogy, after 55 and 3600. Once again the relationship between dance, building and architecture is central. He connects the moving body with the expression of architectural and sculptural forms. In 7, Mriziga enriches this relationship by adding mystery and imagination. For this he looks at the mythology of the seven wonders of the ancient world. These architectural and artistic feats – of which only the pyramid of Giza is still standing – mark man’s victory over his physical limitations and the laws of nature.

Every era has its wonders: an idea of the impossible, which is then built, bigger and more impressive than what we already knew. But how wonderful is that small human body that invents and creates all that great things? How infinitely more mysterious and beautiful than the giants we surround ourselves with? Mriziga contrasts two standards: the built world, made to impress, and the ultimate wonder of the world: the human body itself.