Ugo Dehaes


Ugo Dehaes started dancing when he was 18. After his dance training in PARTS, he started working as a dancer for Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. In 2000, he founded the non-profit organization Bad Blood together with Charlotte Vanden Eynde. The first performance, Body Fabric, premiered at the Kaaitheater and then embarked on an international tour to Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Paris, etc. From then on, Ugo regularly created new dance performances, both for and with adults and children.

From 2018 onwards, Ugo’s focus shifted and he became a Choreographer of Things. He made the moving sculpture Stalactite (2018) for Tweetakt Festival (NL), Arena 2020, an installation with 8 interactive robots, Simple Machines 2021, a lecture performance with small robots, Runner 2020, a self-learning robot , Pickled Punks (2021), a series of robots on strong water, and began the preliminary research of LIMP, a collaboration with Prof. Geraint A. Wiggins (Computational Creativity) and Axiles Bionics (robotic prosthetic feet).

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Photo: Ugo Dehaes

In residentie LIMP

LIMP is the third part in the Forced Labor series by choreographer Ugo Dehaes. In the first two works, Ugo looked for ways to replace his dancers with robots and himself with Artificial Intelligence. The work was a response to the increasing pressure and cuts within the arts. In LIMP, Ugo investigates how people and technology can go hand in hand and strengthen each other.

In this solo, an amputee dancer is equipped with a robotic foot prosthesis, while the choreographer is assisted by an intelligent and creative computer that will help devise the choreography.

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