Thomas Ryckewaert


Thomas studied biology and philosophy at the KUL and dramatic art at drama school Dora van der Groen. Thomas’ work balances on the borders of theatre, dance and installation. In his recent productions, he explores the dramatic possibilities of everyday actions. His work has been described as poetic, radical, expressive and ritualistic. As a freelance actor, he regularly works for theatre, film and television.

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Platform 0090 – Thomas Ryckewaert

Photo: Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuyzen

In residentie GOLEM

According to Jewish legends, a golem is a creature moulded from dust or clay by a scholar and brought to life by ritual incantations. The golem relates to its human creator as a helper, companion or protector of its threatened community. But the experiment is derailed: the creature turns against its creator. This myth of artificial life lies at the heart of Thomas Ryckewaert’s new creation. It is a story about ambition, creativity, power, creation, madness and destruction. It is a theme that touches on the age-old fear of creating something that outwits us: from the Bible about Frankenstein to the spectre of artificial intelligence. It is a story that asks the same question in every era: how deep can we dig?

In hushed, cinematic imagery, Golem balances on the thin line between man and matter, between reason and fear. Face to face with a creature that looks very much like him but is at the same time fundamentally different, man is shown a mirror. He sees monsters being born in things, in the other, in himself.

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In residentie Chaos – making sense of an ending

In Chaos – Making Sense of an Ending, biologist and actor Thomas Ryckewaert tries to make sense of the events of recent years: the sudden death of his father, the lockdown, ecological disasters and growing defeatism. Supported by mathematics, ecology, science fiction, diary fragments and Playstation games, Thomas battles his demons.

In Chaos, the boundaries between the intimate and the global, between the inner and outer world, between reality and madness become blurred.

Can scientific models provide relief on a confusing and unpredictable planet? Can you mourn a loved one and the end of the world at the same time? Is there poetry in theory? And what about theatre?

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