The Side-Show company was founded in the spring of 2009 by circus artist Quintijn Ketels and scenographer/costume designer Aline Breucker. Together they have since developed their own unique style in their work. Through research and creation they create a specific visual language that brings circus and visual arts into dialogue.

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Photo: Claude Esselen

In residentie Sho-Ichidô

This presentation shows an initial research phase of a new project in which the visual art of Aline Breucker enters into dialogue with the unicycling techniques of circus artist Kenzo Tokuoka. In collaboration with Quintijn Ketels, they started looking for a common language in December 2015, using the unicycle as a writing instrument to pen down a monumental calligraphy. Measured and meticulous preparations have preceded the snapshot that the audience witnesses. The gigantic canvases that this process produces, and therefore the entire oeuvre that is realized in this research project, will form the ingredients for a new performance that will premiere in 2018.

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