SAMESAMEBUTDIFFERENT (F/BE) are Laure Chartier and Freija Wouters. Following their collaboration at groupe Zur (F) and a long journey through India, they started making joint work in 2012, a triptych about the transformation of the living. We start from our body and return to it again and again. Their goal is to promote artistic research in all its forms and without boundaries. Whether it is plastic, textile, sound or theater.

“Our body as material. Our body as carrier. Our body as mirror.”

First, DEMAIN is created, a performance about embodying being here. Then NOUS SOMMES, a living installation out of the desire for transformation. This year they are working on AUJOURD’HUI, unforeseen interventions in public space, to realize the entire triptych AUJOURD’HUI – NOUS SOMMES – DEMAIN.

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Photo: Elise Blanchard


A tactile theatrical triptych about the transformation of the living. Fascinated by the ephemeral nature of form and the cycle of life and death, we share with the audience, through a visual theatrical form and language, those moments when life escapes matter.

AUJOURD’HUI: Unexpected appearances in public space, in daylight.

NOUS SOMMES: Living exhibition, indoors, continuous.

DEMAIN: Performance, In a black hall inside or outside in the dark.

After years of collaboration before and behind the scenes, Freija Wouters and Laure Chartier are now working on a joint oeuvre and the realization of AUJOURD’HUI – NOUS SOMMES – DEMAIN. We manifest our imagined twinship without limits through our own lateral artistic language.

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