Naomi Kerkhove


Naomi Kerkhove studied multimedia design at KASK in Ghent and develops her work at the intersection between comics, film, textile design and performance. Her first performance White Out (2010) was a completely machine-stitched, black-and-white miniature world in which people, houses, trees and streets are brought to life by means of threads. With the help of an old surveillance camera and a sultry soundscape, the strange town became the setting for an intriguing road movie. With Valies (2012), her second production, Naomi knits one

continuation of that search through the borderlands of comics, design, music and film. Where White Out brought a sketchbook to life in a three-dimensional world of textiles, Valies delves further into the rabbit pipe of the animated film. Fabric characters walk into a life-size film where everything is interwoven. In season 14-15 Naomi was seen at home and abroad with her interactive installation Forest Fruit. You will be guided through a world that is a cross between a work studio and a playroom. In this universe, shapes and thoughts merge and your imagination is slowly taken along. In addition to these performances, Naomi’s work can also regularly be seen in exhibitions or forms the setting for films and music videos.

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Naomi Kerkhove

Photo: Reinhout Hiel

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Inspired by her travels to South America, Africa and Indonesia, Naomi developed a fascination for a certain experience of time and concentration, which allows us to make a real human connection. In today’s digital society we are fragmented: everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Someone just sitting on a chair on the street, it’s a rare sight. In return for

Against this background, Naomi wants to create a project that makes room for a conscious presence. To this end, she first wants to conduct six months of research before developing a new creation at various performance locations from the spring of 2018.

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