Kinga Jaczewska


Kinga Jaczewska is a Polish-Belgian choreographer living in Antwerp. Her work questions and investigates common logics and mechanisms of visibility. Jaczewska investigates the relationship between the center and the periphery, which she translates in her choreographic work into the relationship between event and non-event. Jaczewska wants to give shape and focus to that which is overlooked, made invisible or seen only as a background for more significant events. In October 2022, Jaczewska received the PrixFintro Prize (Belgian prize to support young artists) in the dance and theater category. In March 2024, her new creation BRUT will premiere in Nona (Mechelen) as part of the Construct Europe festival.

In residentie BRUT

Fed by personal experiences, Kinga Jaczewska became fascinated by the literal and figurative meaning of grey within the Western context. She grew interested in the defaults of grey within capitalistic culture, various poetics which come with it as well as its relationship and dependence on expression and colour which she explored in her earlier works such as GreyTime It Takes or Gabriel.

This time, with BRUT, Jaczewska dares to start from more personal and therefore more literal starting point then previously – Brutalism. Brutalism as an architectural genre but also as a social system and ideology that it once represented and which contrasts with the questionable glare of today’s capitalism.

With focus on functionality, intentional simplicity and radical approach to form and minimalist constructions which Jaczewska borrows from the Brutalist ideology, BRUT explores the relations between the individual and the collective, between expressionism and béton brut and between constraint and freedom. While refusing to represent and by allowing the ordinary to take a centre stage, Jaczewska aims to question her own understanding of the spectacular.

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