Kevin Fay


Kevin Fay has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Communication Studies from Northwestern University. During his time in Chicago, Kevin trained in dance at both Northwestern and The Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance. Over summers, Kevin trained with The Ailey School, American Ballet Theater, The Taylor School, and The Hubbard Street Dance Center, where he spent a year on scholarship.

Since leaving Chicago, Kevin has danced with Dayton Ballet in Ohio, Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Company in Washington, D.C., and Kyra Jean Green, Spenser Theberge, Daniele Desnoyers (Le Carré des Lombes), and Jakub Truszkowski (Rosas) at Springboard Danse Montreal 2009 and 2016. As a freelance artist in New York City for seven years, he performed and toured nationally and internationally with Stefanie Batten Bland, Sonia Lopes Soares, Bob Eisen, Gabriel Forestieri, Douglas Dunn, Michael Mao, Heidi Latsky, Keith A. Thompson, filmmaker Jennifer Sims, and visual artist Noritoshi Hirakawa. While in New York, Kevin also trained regularly with Janet Panetta, taught for the Brooklyn Music School, City Center/BAE, and Joffrey Ballet School, and he collaborated on the Movement Invention Project as well as new opera productions at The Metropolitan Opera with Itzik Galili, Bard College SummerScape with  Marjorie Folkman, and Washington National Opera with Ben Wright.

Kevin moved to Brussels, Belgium in 2016, and he works from there now as a freelance performer with Veli Lehtovaara, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, Eleanor Bauer, and Marc Vanrunxt – Kunst/Werk. He also studies voice with Fabienne Seveillac and works independently as a writer, editor, and transcriber with Engagement Arts, State of the Arts (Almanac 2019), and Sarma (Conversations in Vermont).

In April 2020, Kevin joined the team working on SOS Relief, and in September 2020, Kevin received a scholarship from the Flemish Authorities to conduct a research project on the subjects of masculinity, feminism, language, and the body.

In residentie conversing with masculinity

Kevin Fay is engaged in a long-term research project on the subjects of masculinity, feminism, language, and the body.

As part of this, he offers performative reading circles called ‘conversing with masculinity’. In these, he facilitates collective reading, writing, listening, and moving to open and explore the interstices between words that refer to gender identity and expression. Concretely, by using language in the excerpts of texts written by masculinity researchers and feminists to generate poetry, songs, drawings, maps, or movements, Kevin looks for how language moves in shared, repeated attempts to produce sensuous, alternative knowledges.“`

As the work progresses, Kevin culls language from sessions of ‘conversing with masculinity’ to create urgent, impassioned fictions that will guide him in creating both a publication and interactive, polyvocal lullaby concerts in the dark.

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