Johannes Bellinkx


Johannes Bellinkx graduated from the Mime Course in Amsterdam in 2013. He was already a social geographer and worked nationally and internationally for various successful artists. In 2007 he joined Theater TUIG and in 2013 he played with Theater Group WAK. Johannes Bellinkx creates visual work that moves at the intersection of theatre, visual art and film. He ensures that form and content interact in a driving manner. In his work, Bellinkx radically opts for the concept and then looks for the disciplines that are most suitable. In 2014-2015 Bellinkx developed his first larger project Framing. This performance was at the Oerol festival on Terschelling in the summer of 2015 and at the Over Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam. Framing has been nominated by the Oerol Festival to the international network for European outdoor festivals IN-SITU. As a result, the work received international attention. In 2015-2016, Bellinkx will work as an artist-in-residence for a year in Amsterdam-Noord under the guidance of DasArts, Over het IJ festival and the NDSM foundation.

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Johannes Bellinkx

Photo: Johannes Bellinkx

In residentie Reverse

With Reverse, Johannes Bellinkx invites you to enter the world in a different way. You experience reality in reverse. Looking ahead makes way for looking back. The goal-oriented turns into the unforeseen. By literally reversing our direction, Johannes Bellinkx makes us aware in a confrontational way of how we navigate the world. A hypnotic soundtrack and the blending of fiction and reality makes Reverse a unique physical and mental experience. Johannes Bellinkx’s work balances on the border between theater, visual arts and film. Just like his previous performance Framing, this work is also about perception. And here too, your viewing and thinking frameworks are being challenged.

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