Fleur Khani


Fleur Khani works and lives in Brussels. She studied literary theory at KU Leuven, Word Art at the Conservatory of Antwerp and then did a post-master’s degree at a.pass in Brussels). As a musician and theater maker, she has appeared at Bâtard Festival (Brussels), in Extra City and De Studio (Antwerp), in London at the Queer Apocalypse Festival and in Vienna (Moë). In 2013 she received the DanceWeb Scholarship in Vienna. She made the film For the Record (Animal Tank Productions, VAF) and worked for Michaël Roskam, Ivo Dimchev, Davis Freeman, Heike Langsdorf and others on various projects within performance, theater and film.

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Fleur Khani

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In residentie Homework

In Homework, Fleur Khani describes the house she grew up in: half Persian, half Flemish. Her mother is a European doctor and her father a Persian writer. While she builds a home, Fleur takes you through the different rooms in the universe of both her parents. They have a different library, a different taste in interior design, different views on religion and the world. The questions that every growing child faces are amplified by these cultural differences under the same roof. Where do I belong? Why don’t my parents agree? Am I a stranger? Homework is an honest attempt by a young artist to draw the outlines of a continuously evolving identity.

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In residentie Beyond the Black Box – Antwerp 2023

From May 11 to 14, Beyond the Black Box will visit Antwerp for the second time! The festival invites makers and audiences to experiment with form, space and time. It challenges you to see things differently. Be surprised by work in unexpected places or moments, forget that set of beliefs and come and experience with an open mind what art can still be.

11.05 | FLEUR KHANI | Halleluja

Monty | 20h30 | première

Hallelujah is a joyful celebration of jubilation set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Four players and a locally recruited choir of 28 people celebrate the freedom of losing everything. In this way they process their loss and release their fears in a ‘joy path’ of diverse cultural and musical styles: Eastern and Gregorian chants, trance exercises, cries of joy, animal sounds, drums and electronic soundscapes. Hallelujah looks for what connects us and what there is to celebrate. It claims joy as a zone of freedom. It exults in resistance to fear and enjoys the joy of relief, togetherness and physical and sensory pleasure. Hallelujah is a utopian artistic movement that travels from city to city.

Concept: Fleur Khani // From and with: Fleur Khani, Benjamin Vandewalle, Marios Bellas, Carolina Maciel de França and local singers // Dramaturgy: Sarah LeoStylist: Jon Boy // Technique: Arne Claes and Bert Demeulenaere // Thanks to: Aurelie di Marino // Production: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r // Co-production: Perpodium // partners LOD, VIERNULVIER, Monty, 30CC, Concertgebouw Brugge and C-TAKT // In collaboration with: c o r s o // distribution Vincent Company // Photo: Jeanne Coppens // With the support of: The Flemish Government and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

11, 13 & 14.05 | HUSEYIN UMAYSIZ | Davul

Monty | première

Huseyin Umaysiz approaches the universe as a living organism in which every object, substance and living being has a vibrational frequency. In this way, each of us consciously or unconsciously enters into a physical dialogue with the world in which we live. To make the universal frequencies visible, audible and tangible, Umaysiz chooses the davul – an organic percussion instrument from Turkey – as a performer. Davul investigates how the vibrations change the consciousness of our humanity through drum, voice, body and image in an attempt to understand our actions and communication as a social being. Amid an installation by Christophe De Boeck, communication is reinvented and Umaysiz enters into a discussion with the past.

Concept, Direction & Performance: Huseyin Umaysiz // Scenography & Sound: Christoph De Boeck // Dramaturgy: Mesut Arslan // Artistic advice: Christina Flick // Production: Platform 0090 // Co-production: C-Takt, Dommelhof Neerpelt, SOAP Maastricht

11 tem 14.05 | BART LODEWIJKS | Statement

Monty & wpZimmer

Since 2001, Bart Lodewijks has been working on large-scale, linear chalk drawings in public and private spaces. He draws with chalk on walls, houses, churches, hospitals and roads in towns and villages, for months or years, and writes about the process and the people he meets while drawing.

The drawing has all kinds of stops and interruptions, shifts, connects places, skips places. And it never ends. The drawing consists of long straight lines that are often not visible in their entirety because they turn a corner, run a number of streets further or are erased by the rain. The lines are straight because this is the shortest possible connection between two points, similar to a footstep.

11 tem 14.05 | MÜGE YILMAZ | The Water, The Soil, The Jungle

Monty & wpZimmer

In her work, Müge Yilmaz explores the paradoxes surrounding the concept of protection with a focus on community, survival and faith.

Through performances, photographs and installations she creates immersive environments inspired by feminist science fiction. Following the concept of three ecologies for observing the mental (subjective), social and ecological developments in a parallel method, she uses these media as tools for visualizing possible futures.

With protection as a common denominator, her research creates speculation about conservation and scarcity. She constantly looks for trigger points in the form of visual manifestations that provoke unconscious reactions and reflexes.

12.05 | Sophie Guisset | Vanilla

wpZimmer | 20h | première

Vanilla is a study by Sophie Guisset that explores the possibilities of sexual pleasure and questions normativity in sexual practices and how norms permeate the language surrounding them. By sharing the personal and imaginary stories of sexual encounters that are considered ‘extreme’ or non-normative in a personal and vulnerable way, Sophie wants to emphasize attention, respect and playfulness.

Another type of pleasure that Sophie wants to explore is the pleasure of food, more specifically the sensory experience of making and eating it. During the process, the performers will wonder how the recipe for a béarnaise sauce and the attention it demands can teach us something about sex and respect.

Concept, performance: Sophie Guisset // Artistic collaboration, performance: Enis Turan // Artistic collaboration, performance, stage design: Cee Füllemann // Dramaturgy and artistic advise: Lisa Vereertbrugghen // Light design: Emilio Coredero Checa // Sound design: Diana Dobrescu // Text advisor: Melanie Jame Wolf // External eye: Fanny Brouyaux // Production: Lara Joy Bues // A production by Sophie Guisset // Research supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR // Creation supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Flemish Authorities (BE) // Co-produced by: WpZimmer, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier, Charleroi Danse. // Thank you to Helga Baert, Matthieu Goeury, Marieke De Munck // Photos: Sophie’s portrait made by Janine Kuehn


wpZimmer | 23h | sleepover

The night offers us a few hours to linger and listen. A need to rely on the temporary community of people we sleep with. A waking state in which we can be together in disagreement, with our different languages and dreams, in a state between alertness and sleep.

We invite the public to spend the night with us, lying down and listening. The texts are read by Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonça until dawn. The night gives us time to digest through our mouths and ears. An island of soft surface, a connection to a collective terrain, a space where sleeping is a way to understand the world.

12.05 | KEVIN TRAPPENIERS | Present

wpZimmer | 17h – 20h ongoing

PRESENT is a series of minimal in situ interventions as artistic visual commentaries that activate the imagination, based on the world and inspired by the city. Present aims to assign renewed layers of identity to familiar spaces. It is a gentle call to remain aware of the spaces we inhabit as a community and as individuals, as well as a caring gift to place known realities in a new light. Present is documented, but can just as easily be discovered through wandering. It offers the opportunity to pause for a moment and resist the urge for constant mobility. A moment of silence in the noise of contemporary life.

13.05 | IRA BRAND / FRASCATI PRODUCTIES | Commitment Phobe

Monty | 20h30

An ode to doubt. Know where you stand. Know what you think. Know what you want. Take a stand.

But what if a single point of view is no longer tenable in a world that is endlessly changing?

Commitment Phobe is an investigation into doubt in a society that values certainty. With a live experiment, Ira Brand, together with performer Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, investigates what it means not to know, not to choose and to keep moving.

How can we understand doubt as strength, instead of powerlessness? What does it mean not to take a position as a political choice? Commitment Phobe is an exploration of the space between yes and no. An ode to doubt.

Created and written by Ira Brand // Performed by Ira Brand and Tiana Hemlock-Yensen // Scenography and light design Paul Boereboom // Dramaturgy Marta KeilFinal direction Abigail Conway // Campaign image Lisa Schamlé // Production Frascati Producties // Co-production wpZimmer, C-Takt, Festival Cement, The Yard Theatre // With support of Stichting Ammodo

13.05 | VIVA LOS DJ’S | Album release

Monty | 22h – 23h + afterparty

At the beginning of 2023, Viva Los DJs launched their debut album: New Year New Me. They proudly presented this album during two exclusive album release shows in Antwerp and Ghent. Now, a few months later, the boys are eager to present the deluxe, bonus track version of their acclaimed album, newly titled Same Year Same Me. Expect a pop show that will exceed your wildest dreams. And a big surprise that will give you the feeling of being in a live music video…

14.05 | ANNA SCHLOOZ & DE REFUGE | De Middagactiviteit

Monty | 14h – 15h, 16h -17h

Have you ever wondered who lives next door to you? Who walks through your street every day? And what are their dreams for the future?

Anna Schlooz went to a care center near her home with those questions. Together with the elderly she fantasized about the future and the past. This created a collaboration in which art and care merge.

From this experience they made a board game. Through the game you will meet Luus, the first female architect, Rachel, the 100-year-old enthusiast, and Anna, the young artist. Roll the dice, move the chicken on the game board, and fantasize about the future together!

14.05 | HANAFUBUKI | Archipelago

Monty | 14h – 17h ongoing

Did you know that you are surrounded by a collection of things? Do you think they are special? Do you throw them away? Do you forget them then? Can you find and save them?

In Archipelago we are building a new place together for that large collection of things. A rough sponge, a blue bottle, a round stick, a soft stone and then a purple cloth.

Luggage, balance, look and rediscover things. A landscape of rough, blue, round, soft and shiny. Archipelago is a group of islands on which you shape your imagination.

In Archipelago, Hanafubuki invites the audience into small groups at island-shaped tables. As landscape architects, the public builds with a series of objects. For this purpose, Hanafubuki collected and sorted objects that we do not attach much value to, throw away or forget. Archipelago is a meditative and playful rediscovery of everyday things. A participatory and connecting installation for everyone aged 5 and over.

A project by: Hanafubuki vzw // Concept and creation: Hanne Holvoet, Samuel Baidoo, Sari Veroustraete // Guides: Samuel Baidoo, Sari Veroustraete, Lies Vandeburie, Jonas De Bruyn, Laurent Delom de Mézerac // Music: Lies Vandeburie, Jonas De Bruyn, Sari Veroustraete // Technical support: Studio Bonne // Production & business coordination: Marie Luyten // Distribution: Vincent Company // With the support of: STORMOPKOMST // In collaboration with: c o r s o , Blikfabriek, Rataplan // With thanks to : Yoeri Hosti

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