Fleur Khani


Fleur Khani works and lives in Brussels. She studied literary theory at KU Leuven, Word Art at the Conservatory of Antwerp and then did a post-master’s degree at a.pass in Brussels). As a musician and theater maker, she has appeared at Bâtard Festival (Brussels), in Extra City and De Studio (Antwerp), in London at the Queer Apocalypse Festival and in Vienna (Moë). In 2013 she received the DanceWeb Scholarship in Vienna. She made the film For the Record (Animal Tank Productions, VAF) and worked for Michaël Roskam, Ivo Dimchev, Davis Freeman, Heike Langsdorf and others on various projects within performance, theater and film.

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Fleur Khani

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In residentie Homework

In Homework, Fleur Khani describes the house she grew up in: half Persian, half Flemish. Her mother is a European doctor and her father a Persian writer. While she builds a home, Fleur takes you through the different rooms in the universe of both her parents. They have a different library, a different taste in interior design, different views on religion and the world. The questions that every growing child faces are amplified by these cultural differences under the same roof. Where do I belong? Why don’t my parents agree? Am I a stranger? Homework is an honest attempt by a young artist to draw the outlines of a continuously evolving identity.

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