Andreas Oldörp


Since 1988, Andreas Oldörp has been dealing with the interaction between space and sound. In numerous international exhibitions, he has developed and expanded his concept of energetically charging places by setting naturally generated constant sounds. Since 1997, works have been created in space, transcending the everyday sound space with subtle harmonising interventions.

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Andreas Oldörp

Photo: Meike Hansen

In residentie Pfeifen im Walt

As part of C-TAKT, his students draw inspiration from the Klankenbos collection: what makes some of the sound installations last more than 10 years in a public environment? Which materials and techniques are durable enough, how do you arm yourself as a sound artist against weather conditions and vandalism, and how do these factors influence the design? Nature is also an important source of inspiration for the creations, as evidenced by the title ‘Pfeifen im Walt’ (NL: whistling in the forest cf. whistling in the dark).

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